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  • Name: BeauMore Accureal - Beauty Capsules
  • Packaging: 30 pcs
  • Uses: Instantly renew skin with Beaumore's Beauty Capsules - enriched with placental protein, ceramid III and soybean extract. This breakthrough product healing of damaged skin resulting from pollution and destructive UV rays with vitamin E, while age-defending ingredients provide deep rejuvenation. The long-lasting, moisterizing formula softens and smoothes skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and delivers age-defying results. 
  • Direction: 

- Turn capsule tab twice, and twist off

- Gently squeeze contents onto fingertips and massage lightly in outward, circular motions to face to neck.

- Avoid contact with eyes. 

- Use twice daily for best results. For day time use, pair with sunscreen for UV protection.

  • Precautions: Keep container closed tightly, and store in a cool dry place. If capsules harden, leave the container open while showering or bathing to restore softeness.

BeauMore Accureal - Beauty Capsules


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