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Made In USA.


SureMeal Vital provides an ideal balance of protein, nutrition, mushroom extracts and herbs to help support your immune system, satisfy your hunger and give you lasting energy. SureMeal vital mixes easily and tastes great. Each shake is packed with the following:

- Only 2g of sugar

- Agaricus and reishi mushroom extracts for immune support

- Cordyceps and fucoidan extracts for increased energy

- Turmeric extract for added antioxidant

- Ginger extract to prevent motion stickness and nausea

- Milk thistle extract for liver support

- CoQ10 for acrdiovascular support

- 100% whey protein to help maintain and preserve muscle

- 25 vitamins and minerals to provide daily needs

- Fiber to prevent occasional constipation and to support healthy cholesterol level

- Colostrum and probiotic to support the immune system

- Enzyme blend to support proper digestion and prevent bloating

- Extra lactase enzyme to support lactose-intolerant individuals

Sure Meal Vital Ultra Premium Nutritional Shake Mix - net weight 1.9 lb (840g)

$107.99 Precio
$82.99Precio de oferta

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