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Shipping to Vietnam


Do you need to send packages overseas to Vietnam?  We are here to help you.  Our staff at the company has over 15 years of shipping experience.  We provide air freight service for individuals shipping to Vietnam.  Our service is fast, reliable, and secured.  We deliver everywhere in Vietnam – from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to                                   or at


Or if you want to have estimated quotes on shipping cost, please send us the link of products you are interested in. We'll check the weights and send you the estimated shipping cost. We'll respond to your quote request within 24-48 hours..




Air Freight Charges to Vietnam:









Please note that these are “SHIPPING COSTS” only!  They do not include any charges that may be incurred in Vietnam such as (but not limited to) customs duties, import taxes, examination, quarantine or inspection fees. 


Important Shipping Information


* All quotes are subject to the final weight and dimensions of your packages.

* All final quotes do not include shipping insurance.

* All packages must be packed safely and securely for transport prior to collection.

* You cannot ship packages with prohibited items, dangerous or hazardous goods or valuable items.

* All shipping packages must be in compliance with TSA. 


Estimated Time of Arrival


We work with multiple large airline cargo carriers.  We have multiple shipments to Vietnam on a weekly basis.  The estimated delivery time of your package to Vietnam is within 14 days*. 


* Packages are normally delivered to Vietnam within 14 days.  However, we will not be responsible if there are delays due to airline cargo carriers, extreme weather conditions, terrorist attacks, and/or anything that is beyond our company’s control. 

If you have any questions regarding shipping to Vietnam, please                                or at                                                     . 

We will be more than happy to address your questions or concerns.

Thanks! Message sent. We'd reply you within 24-48 hours

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